Monday, April 22, 2013

Choose a reason Broker AGEA

AGEA  Not Fraudster, Scam or Scammer.  Amount AGEA (counted since he was named Marketiva) trader has already reached 800,000 people by 2010 , meaning BROKER marketiva is MOST POPULAR IN THE WORLD, because AGEA doing business with honest and MARKETIVA IN ANY WITHDRAWAL MUST BE SERVED AND PARTY GETS HIGHEST RESPECT AGEA [ With more than 800,000 serviced users, 450,000 unique and live trading accounts, and more than 3.8 million live orders executed each month, Marketiva is one of the most popular over-the-counter market makers in the world! ]

Bonus $ 5 USD , After completion of the register and the confirmation ID;
Commission free, AGEA just taking advantage of the spread;
Could Hedging / Lock (protect transactions from kerugihan);
Capital Free and Without Initial Deposit;
Distance (Spread) Sell / Buy low;
Can Trailing Stop (manual);
Stop or Limit distance less than 2 pips;
There are also facilities for automated order and to order manuals;
Contract Size free and flexible;
Chat facility and online discussions;
Streaming is easy to use and not complicated;
Supports Payment Bank Wire, E-Bullion, Liberty Reserve and others;

AGEA apply rules 1 account per person, if the system detects AGEA 2 different accounts, but owned by the same person, then AGEA reserve the right to cancel one or both of these accounts. If there are family members, relatives or friends who wish to join by using the same computer, they can create a new account, uploading a photo ID and address and then confirm to the personal staff support (on the part of the live chat support software Streamster ™). 

AGEA committed to assist the government in combating all forms of money laundering (money laundering) and all other kind of crime through the internet (cyber crime). All new accounts must register a photo ID and address to get a confirmation that the legal documents submitted before it can begin online trading.

AGEA Legal accordance with international law and Forex aman.Anda can play anywhere, as long as there is a computer and internet connection, be it in home, in the office, on the road, or in the cafe. In addition, you do not have to deal with the Broker nor any person in a transaction, you are free to use your own money and do their own transactions without interference or and without having to pay a fee or service fee to anyone. You can choose the benefits you want and are free to stop the transaction in progress whenever you want. So that the risk of loss can be reduced to a minimum.

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Types of Music Podcasts

Many music podcasts are available online, distributed
by podcasters who want to share their collection with
the world. Some of these are distributed by independent
musicians, groups or individuals who enjoy creating
and sharing their music but have a small fanbase. For
them, a podcast means closer contact with their
listeners, and the blog that usually accompanies a
podcast often allows for the comments and opinions of
the listeners to be shared with the musicians. The
listeners often appreciate this close contact, and some
become resentful when their favorite groups gain
widespread popularity. Musicians may find that the
music podcast they share is a way to build a following
and gain an audience that is loyal to them. Since many
of the musicians who podcast do so as independent
artists who lack the sound the music industry is looking
for or simply haven't been noticed yet, a music podcast
may build a following that attracts attention to them and
gives them an entry point into the music industry.

For others, a music podcast may be the chance to
become a dj, and the episodes they share will contain
mixes of different songs, highlighting obscure yet
accomplished artists and taking their listeners on a tour
every episode. These amateurs podcast merely because
they enjoy the activity, as most independent podcasters
do. Yet another type of music podcast, however,
involves the online radio station. While some radio
stations have taken the leap to the internet by offering
streaming connections to their current playlist, others
have accepted the podcast as a way of sharing their
music. Such a style is very similar to the amateur dj, but
brings a level of professionalism that is not found with
the amateur podcasters.

A music podcast may also be a way to sample works by
more well known artists before purchasing. Some
musicians and groups will podcast their new music, or
portions of the new pieces, in order to peak interest in
the songs before release. Fans get to listen to the music
and find out what they might like before purchasing the
whole album. A possibility, however, is that music
podcasts become subscription based, and musicians
begin charging for access to the feed. The online sale of
music has proved its popularity, with Apple's iTunes
reaching its one billionth paid download recently. A
music group could conceivably offer a feed to its fans
that they could pay for, and regularily update it with
new songs that would be downloaded directly to the
fan's computers Although this distribution model is not
yet in place, it seems to fit with the over all trend.
Already, some nonmusic groups have agreed to podcast
their files, on the condition that a paid subscription is

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Finding Hip Hop Mix Podcasts

Many music podcasts are available online for
downloading; if one wanted to find, for instance, a hip
hop mix podcast, there are a few sites available to help.
The first possibility would be to go directly to a site
which creates one and subscribe to it using a podcast
client which automatically checks the feed for new
episodes and downloads them for the user. If, however,
one did not know of any hip hop mix podcast sites, or
simply wanted to find new podcast sites, the best
possibility would be to check a podcast directory, a list
of podcasts that can be browsed.

Hip hop mix podcasts could easily be found at one of
these podcast directories. A podcast directory stores
lists of podcasts which have been submitted to the site,
and categorizes them by genre, type of podcast, region,
and other meta data. To find a hip hop mix podcast,
visiting a podcast directory and checking under music
podcasts, and then under hip hop music would find
many podcasts which play that type of music.

The hip hop mix podcast could then be subscribed to by
inputting the feed address listed into one of the many
podcast clients. The music will come in episodes, the
name for each downloadable portion of a podcast. Some
of these podcasts may feature independent artists,
musicians trying to break into the music industry who
have chosen podcasting as a way of sharing their music
and gaining a following. Others may be remixes of
popular songs that have been changed in some way to
give a different feel to the music. Often, the artists may
already be established, though, and they still see
podcasting as a way to introduce themselves to a larger
audience. They may grant rights to pay certain hip hip
songs to a podcaster, letting them play the music as part
of their mix distribution while requesting a link to a site
where more information can be learned about the artists
and music can be purchased. Artists that have done this
include alias, edan, outerspace, RA the rugged man,
roots manuva, and outer space.

A large number of podcasts featuring hip hop mix
podcasts are actually radio stations, however. These
broadcasters have found that podcasting their shows
and selections is an easy way to reach more listeners
and gain a greater audience. These podcasters can reach
more people easier and cheaper than they can by
playing hip hop mix music over the airwaves in their
local areas. Playing hip hop music over the internet is
probably the way many future artists will do their work,
and there are many ways available even now that they
can do so and make a profit. For instance, some
podcasts are designed to work on a payment basis. A
hip hop artist who wished to share his music could
charge for addition to the feed list, then issue a unique
feed address to the user, allowing them to hear new
pieces of hip hop music released. The hip hop music
file could even be designed so it could not be copied
and used by another user at a different computer, to
ensure that the artist could maintain control over his

Monday, September 7, 2009

Podcast Software

There are many podcast software programs available to
use. Many of them are even free. Because of the
decentralized, geek adopted nature of podcasting, a
wide variety of programs are available, from large
programs with a big footprint that do many different
jobs to tiny little software packages that do the bare
minimum. A package is available for podcast
subscribers of almost any type, and more are being
created everyday.

While some podcast software is designed for home user
computers, much of it is designed to be used online.
There are many packages created so that feed
subscribers can view the podcasts they enjoy from
within a web browser. These software packages contain
both the feed reader like the home user software does,
but usually also incorporate a way to view or listen to
the podcasts online from inside the browser. Much of
this software is used at the podcast directories that
maintain listings of podcast feeds.

Another type of online podcast software is the category
of feed creators. PHP scripting is usually used to create
the RSS file that tells the feed readers where to
download the podcasts from. The scripting can either
create a hard copy of the RSS file and write it to the
server disk when the feed is updated, or it can make it
virtually. When the RSS file is generated virtually, it
doesn't actually exist on the host's server. Instead, the
address of the PHP script is distributed as the address of
the feed. When the script is accessed, it generates the
file by looking at the recent posts at the site and sends
the results to the feed subscriber.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Music Podcast RSS Feeds

There are many online music podcast rss feeds to
choose from online. For many of the feed producers, a
podcast feed is a way to distribute non mainstream
music that otherwise would not be able to reach an
audience. These musicians are able to build a following
and share their work from outside of a music culture
that tends to keep out more niche groups. Because the
music industry is oriented towards mass distribution
and marketing, musicians and groups that aren't
believed to command such widespread fandom are kept
out of the market.

Distributing some of their music by podcast rss feeds,
however, lets them grow a small fanbase and attract
listeners who enjoy their work. These musicians may
support themselves by also selling portions of their
work, or may decide to provide all of their work for
free, as some do.

These musicians may, after growing a fanbase who
enjoys their music podcast rss feed, parlay that
popularity into music contracts within the industry. By
proving that they can support a passionate audience
even with their own meager efforts, a company can
sometimes be convinced of the music's viability on a
larger stage. By proving that the musicians can support
a dedicated audience and can keep producing quality
work, the group or individual has a better chance of
successfully getting a contract while maintaining their
independent style.

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